Month: April 2013

Getting Healthy: Cucumber Lemon Water, my new must have…

Photo Credit: Keli Marie

Photo Credit: Keli Marie

A couple of weeks ago I read a post on Tia and Tamera Mowry’s blog that challenged the readers to swap out their coffee or tea for a hot cup of lemon water each morning. They listed all the befits of drinking lemon water, so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, based on the title of this post, I loved it and even decided to take it a step further after I had a couple of cucumber slices lying around from my morning juicing that I like to do occasionally. (I will post about juicing at a later date because if you don’t do it you should definitely start!) 🙂

Normally I start out with a hot cup of lemon and cucumber water in the morning to get my system cleansed and get my metabolism going, and then I just pour off the left over lemon and cucumbers into my water cup and replenish the water throughout the day as I drink it. If you are like I was and have a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day, this could help with that. I swear (because as you all know I don’t B.S. lol) that I have been drinking at least 6 rounds of water in my water cup each day since I started! *pats myself on the back* On the twins blog they say you should drink a cup of hot lemon water in the evening before bed as well, but just like my continued effort in being more like Jesus, I am not there yet, as my family knows you will be lucky if I don’t fall asleep in my clothes somewhere around the house, so the last thing I am thinking about at the end of the day is making another cup of hot lemon and cucumber water. Seriously.

Rather than list all the benefits of drinking this little concoction I will just tell you why I drink it and list some references for you to check out on your own if you want more details on the benefits. So the reason I like drinking this is because one I feel better about knowing I am at least making one good food decision at the start of my day by switching the water for my coffee or tea. Two, it promotes weight loss and at the end of the day, yes I want to be healthy, but losing weight is what I care about most, sue me. Three, it cleanses my insides and I love feeling like my innards are cleaned, lol.

Any who if you want to know more about the benefits here are a list of sites to checkout for more info:

Why drink cucumber water

Benefits of lemon water

Lemon water swap

If any of you decide to try this, please let me know how it goes for you in the comment section, I am interested to know how much it impacts your water intake throughout the day.

My stubborn mule…

mom vs son

Photo credit: Denis Felix/Corbis

So yesterday my son was able to do something that rarely happens for me and that is, he made me feel embarrassed. My son can be very challenging as he is well equipped in the little body God gave him with the temper and stubbornness that both me and his father both possess. (Thanks God, j/k God please don’t smite me, lol) Any who the hubs and I have been working with him as diligently as two parents can on learning to control his attitude and mouth, because he loves to talk back and feels he always has to have the last word. Well yesterday whilst picking him up from school he proceeded with his usual request to go to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and I proceeded with my usual big fat answer NO and told him the discussion was over after he continued to plead his case on how he never gets to go and I said my usual “well since you never get to go then you might as well not start going now”. But as usual this fool can never give it up he has to continue to plead and try to talk over me in front of the teacher making me look bad because he wasn’t following directions.

Once we got in the car I was so upset because I was tired of him making me look bad in front of his teacher with his behavior. What really bothers me even more is when people try to tell me what I should be doing to him and how I’m not doing enough as if I haven’t already tried every discipline tactic in the world in the past 5 years already, the boy is just as stubborn as a fricken mule, so unless I tie him up and tape his mouth together which is ABUSE then shewed I am running out of ideas here so I have to start circulating back through the methods.

Getting back on track, once we got in the car and he began to try to talk to me in his soft voice to….wait for it…ASK ME TO BUY HIM SOME STARBUCKS HOT WHITE CHOCOLATE….um excuse me where were you in the past 5 mins when I wanted to drop kick you because of your mouth? Dude as if, I seriously don’t even like you right now and you are my child! But it’s cool you guys because discipline tactic #257 popped in my head at that moment.

I proceeded to drive to the Starbucks and order my tall chai tea latte with soy milk, and a chocolate cinnamon bread for me and thing 2 to split. and since thing 1 is allergic to chocolate guess who couldn’t get any, ha ha sucker mommy wins the battle!

When he cried because he didn’t get anything I explained to him that for now on if he keeps talking back when adults tell him the discussion is over, and if he doesn’t begin to have a better attitude there was going to be a whole lot more of mommy and thing 2 eating and drinking while he has to watch or he will have to stay home with daddy. I am a strong believer in discipline follow up. A kid needs to understand why they are being disciplined and that you still love them even when your disciplining them. So I always do the follow up.

So, does anyone else have any stubborn as a mule kids that seem to be immune to all forms of discipline? If so what tactics have you tried I am interested to know, or hear of any stories where you won the battle.