Hi and thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in my blog. I’m starting this blog for all the wives and moms out there who are much like me, struggling to keep their sanity whilst navigating through the ‘joys’ of marriage and parenting. This is a place of no judging, you can share with me any crazy horrible thought you may have had today about your husband or child and guess what, I am going to tell you IT’S OKAY (as long as you don’t act on it, lol).  This will be your place of refuge when you are afraid to tell your best friend that you wanted to trip your little smart mouthed kid today, because Lord knows I have wanted to a number of times, or that you just wanted to put a pillow over your husband’s head last night because he is driving you nutsy bo-bo! Guess what, IT’S OKAY (again as long as you didn’t actually do it).

I have been there, and I went through that phase where I tried to pretend that stepping into this role as a wife and a mother wasn’t driving me crazy trying to keep it all together. Then I had my nervous breakdown back in 2008, and after that I decided to stop pretending. I was no longer going to worry about if other people would think I was inadequate as a mother or inadequate as a woman because most days I felt like my brain was going to explode from all that was being asked of me between my job, kids, and husband. You know it is hard enough being a woman in this world, but throw a husband and some kids in the mix and well you’ll just need to go ahead and find me a pillow and a blanket and wake me up when Jesus returns please, thanks and goodbye, lol. But seriously it’s okay if you feel like you are struggling to keep it together mentally and it is okay if you need medication (like myself , although it isn’t actually Prozac  lol) to help you to cope with the anxiety that sometimes comes with the territory of being in this role. You are not inadequate because of it, you are not a bad parent or wife, and it doesn’t mean you don’t love your kids or your husband (because Lord knows I love mine to death no matter how crazy they drive me :-).

So those are the details of this online community. This is a place of refuge and no judging, a place where you can be honest and get what keeps circulating in your head outside of your head. I will be posting things that I go through with my thing 1 and thing 2 as well as the hubs. I will be sharing with you all the taboo thoughts I have about being a mom and a wife, if for nothing else just so any other mom/wife out there doesn’t have to feel like she is alone in her thoughts. I will also be sharing all things that I love and I find helpful in the areas of cooking, fashion, parenting, marriage, and being healthy mentally, physically and spiritually, because at the end of the day we have to take care of ourselves in order to care for the ones we love even if sometime we don’t like them 😀


About Me

me My name is Keli Marie, I am a wife to the hubs, and the mom of thing 1 and thing 2. I reside in the Chicago area and work full-time in the apparel industry. No matter how much being a mom and a wife drives me crazy I wouldn’t give it up for anything because I love my family and the greatest thing I hope to achieve in my life (besides gaining God’s approval to enter the gates of heaven of course), is to be the best wife and mom I can be to my husband and my kids, and that’s not talk people that’s a fact. I don’t “b.s” and I am not good at sugar-coating stuff, and i prefer to be in the company of people who can handle that about me. I love being outdoors (well as long as it isn’t raining), style in all aspects of it, art, cooking new things, math, and someday I hope to be a runner. (not in a professional sense, I just want to run without losing my breath after 2 mins, lol)


  1. Keli-I met you at Lucas’ bday party earlier today. So glad you told me about your blog! I love it and have signed up to follow it! I watched your video of the female Marine training and felt so guilty because I was eating ice cream as I watched! Did I throw it away? No!

    1. Lol yeah she is awseome!! I follow her on Instagram and I always feel guilty because I could be doing so much more and I really have no excuse when I see her. However that is why I watch her and follow her so I can be convicted and do better lol. Glad you enjoy the blog and you are following! Please keep commenting I am always hoping for feedback 😊.

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