3 Tips for Women from Antoniette Pacheco


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Antoniette Pacheco and her boyfriend Frank Medrano were interviewed together last year for Fitness Magnet. Frank Medrano translated the article into English on his Facebook page, and I recently came across the article. One of the things that I wanted to share from the article was Antoniette’s answer to the question, “What 3 tips would you give a woman wanting to get “lean”/weight loss?” I thought her answer was really great and I was most intrigued by her support of doing sprints opposed to long distance running.

I plan to give this a try for a while to see how I like it. Has anyone else used sprinting as a cardio workout? any tips or comments about it? Well I would love to hear others thoughts on the matter but in the mean time, here are Antoniette’s 3 tips in regards to the question above.

“Eat clean – Us women store food differently than men. It’s even more important to eat clean so that our bodies don’t store fat. That doesn’t mean starving yourself either! I am eating consistently throughout the day to speed up my metabolism, as well as feeding my muscles for growth and repair. More muscle means less fat.

Lift heavy weights – Lifting heavy weights will build muscle, burn fat, and increase athletic performance. It’s the sure-fire way to not just get lean, but to be strong!

Sprints- Burns fat and speeds up metabolism faster than long, slow, boring cardio. It also increases endurance, which helps with other forms of training that you do, and the results are quicker too.”- Antoniette Pacheco

This excerpt was taken from Frank Medrano’s Facebook page and can be found here, if you would like to read the full article.

Move over He-Man, Antoniette Pacheco has arrived….

Antoniette Pacheco is awesome, what more can I say. She is a mom, a marine, and girlfriend of Frank Medrano (who is pretty impressive himself, after her of course, yay girl power).  I recently came across her on Google and started following her on YouTube and Instagram because I was so impressed, and I am one that is hard to impress. Yet, she impressed me, and it is not only because of her athletic ability, and her super toned bod that I hope to have some day, but it was because of her attitude and her dedication to her health in spite of being a mom. She doesn’t let being a mommy get in her way she makes it fun for both her and her daughter and I am totally for that. (I work out with my kids as well but I am not as committed as I need to be, and she inspires me)

In addition to being impressed by her for those reasons, she is also a marine, which means she fights for my freedom, and that alone is enough to make me appreciate her.  So in honor of Antoniette Pacheco I am writing this post, for her service, and for inspiring mama bears all over to be greater. Thanks Miss Pacheco!

-A Humble Fan 🙂

30 Min-Elliptical Workout Plan


While surfing through my beloved Pinterest account today I came across this gem. I am always looking for a great eliptical workout plan since I have one about two feet away from my bed. Anywho this plan is from the FitSugar website, and I am going to give it a whirl today and see how I like it. If you decide to try it out or know of any other great eliptical workout plans 30mins or less, please share I would love to have a “bank” of options to keep things mixed up. In the meantime enjoy!!

Getting Healthy: Cucumber Lemon Water, my new must have…

Photo Credit: Keli Marie

Photo Credit: Keli Marie

A couple of weeks ago I read a post on Tia and Tamera Mowry’s blog that challenged the readers to swap out their coffee or tea for a hot cup of lemon water each morning. They listed all the befits of drinking lemon water, so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, based on the title of this post, I loved it and even decided to take it a step further after I had a couple of cucumber slices lying around from my morning juicing that I like to do occasionally. (I will post about juicing at a later date because if you don’t do it you should definitely start!) 🙂

Normally I start out with a hot cup of lemon and cucumber water in the morning to get my system cleansed and get my metabolism going, and then I just pour off the left over lemon and cucumbers into my water cup and replenish the water throughout the day as I drink it. If you are like I was and have a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day, this could help with that. I swear (because as you all know I don’t B.S. lol) that I have been drinking at least 6 rounds of water in my water cup each day since I started! *pats myself on the back* On the twins blog they say you should drink a cup of hot lemon water in the evening before bed as well, but just like my continued effort in being more like Jesus, I am not there yet, as my family knows you will be lucky if I don’t fall asleep in my clothes somewhere around the house, so the last thing I am thinking about at the end of the day is making another cup of hot lemon and cucumber water. Seriously.

Rather than list all the benefits of drinking this little concoction I will just tell you why I drink it and list some references for you to check out on your own if you want more details on the benefits. So the reason I like drinking this is because one I feel better about knowing I am at least making one good food decision at the start of my day by switching the water for my coffee or tea. Two, it promotes weight loss and at the end of the day, yes I want to be healthy, but losing weight is what I care about most, sue me. Three, it cleanses my insides and I love feeling like my innards are cleaned, lol.

Any who if you want to know more about the benefits here are a list of sites to checkout for more info:

Why drink cucumber water

Benefits of lemon water

Lemon water swap

If any of you decide to try this, please let me know how it goes for you in the comment section, I am interested to know how much it impacts your water intake throughout the day.