Dare To Mix: Florals/Aztec Print

I love the idea of mixing prints. To me being able to wear mixed prints, exudes confidence and boldness. Not everyone is successful in pulling it off, but when someone does it right I can’t help but get excited like a kid in a candy store! Below I am mixing florals and Aztec print, and what I believe helps make this ensemble work, is the common blush color in both pieces.
 Have you ever mixed prints before? If so, how did it make you feel?
Dare To Mix: Florals/Aztec Print

“Put It On A T-Shirt” Collection: Everything Happens For A Reason

Hilarious!! Hehehe This one always makes me laugh, I am sure most people have wanted to say this to someone at some point in their life. lol


The “Put It On A T-Shirt” Collection

One of my favorite sites is Pinterest. I love the idea of having a place to “pin” all the cool things I find on the internet so I can find them later without having to clutter up my browser toolbar with bookmarks.

On my profile I have lots of different cool “boards” where I store stuff, however by far my favorite board is my “put it on a tshirt” board. This board is a collection of sayings that I have pinned that I one day hope to make a t-shirts with. Some days when I need a good laugh I go and just read through the pins as they always cheer me up! I plan to begin sharing them here on my blog in a new series titled after this post. I hope as I share them they will brighten your day as they do for me. 🙂

So without further a do here is today’s posting and it is arguably probably my favorite, lol. Enjoy!


#VOOTD- Comfy and Chic

It’s all about the details lady!!! Love this look, my favorite attributes are the little gold tips on the pockets of the shirt and of course the leopard print flats with the pops of color (hey, what can I say I DO love my color, lol) I also always love a good fitted jacket. This leather one adds a bit of edge to the look, while accentuating the figure without clinging to it.
Weekend errand running

#VOOTD- I’m starting a revolution (maybe not really)…

So with all the fashion bloggers of the world posting pics of their #OOTD (outfit of the day) I wanted to get in on the action as well. However the problem is I am usually not proud of my OOTD because I am usually rushing to get dressed in 30mins or less for work each morning. In the true fashion of my family I am always late because I sleep through my alarm everyday without fail. Sue me….

Nonetheless despite my lack of style in real life, I like to think that in my fantasy world where I can afford the clothes that I would like to fill my closet with and I actually wake up on time or was organized enough to plan ahead, I actually am proud of my #OOTD. So I have decided to start a revolution (maybe not really) called the #VOOTD (virtual outfit of the day). I am going to proudly post my #VOOTD that looks great on me in my fantasy life of organization and plenty of sleep! 🙂


Casual fall day