Janis Savitt

#VOOTD- I’m starting a revolution (maybe not really)…

So with all the fashion bloggers of the world posting pics of their #OOTD (outfit of the day) I wanted to get in on the action as well. However the problem is I am usually not proud of my OOTD because I am usually rushing to get dressed in 30mins or less for work each morning. In the true fashion of my family I am always late because I sleep through my alarm everyday without fail. Sue me….

Nonetheless despite my lack of style in real life, I like to think that in my fantasy world where I can afford the clothes that I would like to fill my closet with and I actually wake up on time or was organized enough to plan ahead, I actually am proud of my #OOTD. So I have decided to start a revolution (maybe not really) called the #VOOTD (virtual outfit of the day). I am going to proudly post my #VOOTD that looks great on me in my fantasy life of organization and plenty of sleep! 🙂


Casual fall day