Dare To Mix: Florals/Aztec Print

I love the idea of mixing prints. To me being able to wear mixed prints, exudes confidence and boldness. Not everyone is successful in pulling it off, but when someone does it right I can’t help but get excited like a kid in a candy store! Below I am mixing florals and Aztec print, and what I believe helps make this ensemble work, is the common blush color in both pieces.
 Have you ever mixed prints before? If so, how did it make you feel?
Dare To Mix: Florals/Aztec Print

#VOOTD- Comfy and Chic

It’s all about the details lady!!! Love this look, my favorite attributes are the little gold tips on the pockets of the shirt and of course the leopard print flats with the pops of color (hey, what can I say I DO love my color, lol) I also always love a good fitted jacket. This leather one adds a bit of edge to the look, while accentuating the figure without clinging to it.
Weekend errand running